About our products

Our products all meet a number of requirements.


Our products must contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of users. We offer washable and reusable alternatives to conventional disposable products. Thus the choice of our products makes it possible to reduce waste. Even in design and production, we take care to optimize the use of materials in order to minimize production waste.


Our products contain no chemicals, fragrances or chlorine. The fabrics in contact with the skin are organic and all the fabrics and pressure are OekoTex certified, guaranteeing the absence of toxic products for the body and for the environment

Nice to use

It is essential for us that our products are pleasant to use. This means products that work well, are ergonomic, have a soft feel, deliver performance and of course have attractive aesthetics!

Ethical and quality production

All our products are designed in France and are manufactured in Casablanca (Morocco) in a lingerie factory. Since we moved to industrial quantities, we had to find a factory to ensure the manufacturing.

This factory was selected for its ethical and ecological values: all employees have fair wages, there are always women who benefit from integration programs through the work and we have together set up a circular economy approach to recycle fabric scraps and to reduce textile waste as much as possible.

All transport is by truck and ship to minimize environmental footprint.