Our menstrual solidarity actions in France

With universities and schools

Déesse Padma is a supplier to several universities and schools that work through operations to distribute free periodic protection to students.
Since 2019, more than 18,205 protections Déesse Padma have have been distributed!

Distribution at the University of Lille in 2019

The University of Lille has been involved for several years in the fight against menstrual poverty, and is a Déesse Padma partner for distributions.

With student associations

Déesse Padma supports student associations that engage in menstrual solidarity and partners with them through different types of partnerships: student preferential sale, distribution operation, promotional code.

Marie Aichagui and Charlotte from the RedQueens student association.

With young girls in precariousness

Thanks to donations of washable sanitary napkin kits from our customers, we organize distribution operations. In July 2021, a distribution took place among young girls in precariousness in the city of Morillons in Montreuil in Seine Saint Denis.