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Take action: end the period being a problem.

Since its creation, Déesse Padma has put menstrual solidarity at the heart of its actions through the distribution of free period protections and a strong commitment to women accessing education.

Period poverty is unfortunately still present all over the world. It is no longer acceptable that injustices caused by menstruation persist again and again.
Lack of education about menstruation, limited access to period products, such as in schools, hiding what's in period protection, poor sanitary facilities, etc... are all factors that negatively impact women's health and hinder the educational opportunities of young girls and women all over the world.

Accessing healthy sanitary pads and being able to carry out activities every day of the month is a fundamental right for women.

Do you want to take concrete action for better menstrual health?

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The cause of women is our core business. Our expertise lies in menstrual health and mother-child health. Here's how we can help you support this cause:

  • Helping you develop information related to these themes
  • To provide you with safe, high quality products
  • Helping you set up projects to provide access to safe and ecological menstrual products

This can be done as part of

  • your company's CSR policy
  • sponsorship
  • humanitarian emergency operations
  • actions to fight menstrual poverty within your organization
  • your organization's gender equality policy

We help you set up your project

Our experience in project management guarantees constructive collaboration. Our team has experience in complex projects (including setting up a local workshop in Kenya with the implementation of dozens of distributions throughout the country) and will be able to accompany you to frame your mission and achieve your objective.

Our expertise will be at your disposal. We have been working on issues related to menstruation since 2014. These years have enriched us with loads of testimonials, understanding and solutions, always with the aim of making the menstrual cycle experience better for every woman.

We help you put together your grant application.

We create partnerships to carry out projects for better menstrual health.

We support you in the administrative procedures until the submission of the grant application.

We adapt our offer to your specific needs.

We listen to your particular case and work together to offer a solution that suits you.

How to take action

Contact us using the form, we will contact you to better understand your request.

Together, we will define the framework of our cooperation.

We support you throughout your project to achieve your goal of helping women live better with their periods.

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University of Lille

University of Lyon 1

University of Savoie Mont-Blanc

Capese Association of the Ecole Centrale-Supélec

Madagascar Project Association of the University of Medicine of Grenoble

Togo Doklpala Association

Bikers and Citizens Association of the Greater South West

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