Period protections for Ukrainian refugees

Millions of women need hygiene products

More than 2 million women have fled the war in Ukraine and are in great distress, destitute of everything. Many of them have babies and young children.

To help these women ensure basic hygiene, we want to provide them with washable sanitary pads (washable sanitary napkins and menstrual panties), as well as bibs, baby muslins and pads breastfeeding.

Produits à distribuer aux réfugiées ukrainiennes

A two-level budget

With €35,000 we will immediately donate more than 6,700 products to refugee families in France, Sweden and Ukraine.
Make a donation

If you're in Sweden you can swish your donation to 123 354 65 53, mark it "Ukraina".

This first batch of products is in stock at Marie in the French Basque Country.

With an additional €100,000 we will be able to supply 25,000 products to refugee women.

We work with trusted partners

Our partners in direct contact with the refugees are
- Secours Populaire Français for families who have landed in France
- Palyanytsia for families who arrived in Sweden
- the European Exchange Office and International based in Clichy and which transports products to Ukraine

Le Secours Populaire Français partenaire Déesse Padma Palianytsia partenaire Déesse Padma OEEI Clichy
Victoria who works for our sponsor Nascent is Ukrainian living in Sweden; his intimate understanding of the situation allows a reliable organization on site.

The distributions are already in progress

As soon as we have sufficient funds to cover the cost of a few kits, we send them to our associations in charge of distributing them to Ukrainian refugee women.

  • 65€ covers the costs for a menstrual hygiene kit with 10 washable sanitary napkins and 1 menstrual panty (on the left in the photo)
  • €87 covers the costs for a maternity kit (all the products in the photo): the 11 sanitary pads, 2 waterproof bibs, 1 waterproof diaper and 3 pairs of nursing pads.