Who are we ?

Déesse Padma is above all a human story, made up of encounters, travels, solidarity, sisterhood and determination. Zoom on the key protagonists of the adventure:
Marie Aichagui

Marie Aichagui is the founder of Déesse Padma. It is her desire to build a better world that drives her to make Déesse Padma prosper. Combining her engineering side and her love for life, she loves to create new products that are both functional and beautiful.

Elisabeth Perpetua

Elisabeth Perpétua has been associated with the adventure since 2019. Her expertise in strategic marketing, as well as her refined intuition of fair communication, allow her to bring Déesse Padma innovations to the world, so that 'they can serve the greatest number.

Fanny Marais

Fanny Marais is the graphic designer who has been with us since the beginning.
By listening, her wise eyes and her inspiration, she manages to insert Déesse Padma products into their sensory universe. It almost feels like
experimenting them in real life!

Rachel and Susan

During a trip to Kenya, Marie meets Dixon, headmaster of a slum school in Nairobi. He explains to her that girls don't go to school when they have their periods for lack of sanitary pads. Marie tells him about her washable sanitary napkins and he is excited about the idea. They set up a pilot project together in Dixon's school.

This is the beginning of BeautyWaps for Girls' Education, with the creation of a local workshop with Racheal, coordinator of the action in Kenya, and Susan, seamstress. Thus BeautyWaps' business and philanthropic activity grow side by side, and thousands of young girls receive hygiene kits that allow them to continue their education every day of the month.

Learn more about our action in Kenya