Menstrual Solidarity

The actions of Goddess Padma

Take action to develop menstrual solidarity and make periods no longer a problem.

Since its creation, Déesse Padma has put menstrual solidarity at the heart of its actions through the distribution of free period protection and a strong commitment to the education of girls “United for Education”.
Menstrual poverty is unfortunately still present everywhere in the world. It is no longer acceptable that injustices caused by menstruation persist again and again.
Lack of education about menstruation, limited access to hygienic products, such as in schools, the opacity of the composition protections, poor sanitary infrastructure are all factors that negatively impact the health and hinder the educational opportunities of young girls and women all over the world.

Access to healthy sanitary products and being able to go to school every day of the month is a fundamental right for women.

You are a university, a school, a public institution, or a private company and you have a project for the distribution of sanitary protection: we support you in the implementation place of the operation by offering you very reduced volume prices, advice in choosing protection, training and communication tools.

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You are a student association: we support you with various possibilities of partnerships specially developed for you as well as with student rates.

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