Use washable sanitary napkins

How to use washable sanitary napkins

Safe, simple and convenient

Our towels are designed to be comfortable and easy to use.

Wash the towels before the 1st use, because several people have handled them in the production and logistics chain. Moreover, washing opens the fibers and increases the absorption capacity: your towels will be more effective.

Place the towel correctly, it's the flannel side (with the seams) which will be in contact with the skin and it's very pleasant because the flannel is super soft! The label is placed against the panties. So it won't bother you.

After use, fold the towel back on itself, blood inward. This will give you a watertight envelope that will contain the blood well, with no risk of leaks. Now you can put it in your pocket, case or bag.

To wash your towels, unfold them and soak them for 30 minutes in cold or lukewarm water to dissolve the blood. Then wash them by hand or machine. Contrary to what is said, blood leaves very well at 60°C, if you want to wash it hot (the fact that blood coagulates does not make it difficult to wash off). But blood also leaves well at colder temperatures.

Four powers to choose from

An ergonomic range of washable sanitary towels adapted to your flow

4 puissances, ou tailles de serviettes hygiéniques lavables

Power 1:
Our panty liner for light flow, waiting for your period or for shedding. Perfect as a complement to a menstrual cup.

Power 2:
The essential, for a moderate flow.

Power 3:
For an abundant flow, its length protects well in front and behind.

Power 4:
For a very abundant flow and good protection at night. After childbirth to accompany the aftermath of childbirth in complete peace of mind.

Efficient, reliable and intelligently protective

Déesse Padma sanitary napkins are made from a unique combination of performance textiles.

Composition des serviettes hygiéniques lavables Déesse Padma

Healthy and comfortable to ensure your well-being

Chemical Free, Chlorine Free, Fragrance Free

All our fabrics and buttons are OekoTex certified.

Our washable sanitary napkins prevent chafing, reduce odor and stay hygienic wash after wash.

Economical and durable, perfect zero waste accessories.