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How to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is not always easy

It's not always easy to breastfeed, but when it works, it's a real pleasure! When you get started for the first time, the breasts change shape, grow suddenly, can hurt a lot, the nipples change and can become extremely sensitive, you quickly need new bras up to a size then totally unknown... And then we discover a jungle of accessory products offered by various sellers such as shells (after three years of breastfeeding I still don't quite understand how to use them), silicone nipple shields (which I saved my breastfeeding), herbal teas for the rise of milk, hop-based products to promote milk production (beer for example!), breast pumps with the different breast shields... not easy to find your way around , we naturally ask ourselves the question "but how to breastfeed?!" And then this new image of oneself which oscillates between the cash cow and the Madonna.

Se sentir comme une Madone en allaitant
Cash Cows and the Long-Necked Madonna, Parmigianino, 1535

For all those for whom the beginnings are difficult, I would like to express all my empathy, because it was the same for me, with my twins. And then there were clicks which, little by little, allowed breastfeeding to work well, then after a while I had nothing more to do, they suckled on their own! In short, it is a process that changes as the baby or babies grow. And it's real teamwork, because you have to discover, with your baby, how to breastfeed together.

Very practical nursing pads

However, there is an accessory that I adopted right away and that I consider to be essential: breast pads. All mothers who have breastfed know the scene where, at night, during a rise in milk, the front of the nightgown becomes literally soaked, as if a glass of milk had been spilled on your chest!

Imagine this happening to you when you're among people! How to breastfeed peacefully if you have to be afraid of getting your blouse wet? Fortunately, there are tricks to avoid this. Nursing pads slip into the cups of the bra to prevent the milk, flowing from the breasts, from wetting the clothes. Thus, the nursing pads are not visible under the t-shirt, which means that we can have fun having all the colors of nursing pads that we like: it will not be seen, they will be hidden by the bra.

Coussinets allaitement lavables dans soutien-gorge d'allaitement

So what about the technical functionality of the Goddess Padma Nursing Pads? They were designed by a breastfeeding mom, taking into account hyper-sensitive breasts, the risk of cracking, sudden milk surges... In other words, they are designed to offer softness, a cozy feeling and a great flexibility for optimal comfort.

  • The cotton flannel, in contact with the breast, is super-soft to suit very sensitive skin.
Coussinets allaitement lavables côté corps
  • The cotton sponge is very absorbent and its quilted appearance allows the nursing pad to adapt perfectly to the shape of the breast.
  • The waterproof-breathable PUL provides an effective anti-leak barrier, while letting the skin breathe.
  • The decorative fabric, in contact with the bra, is for the pleasure of the breastfeeding mother.

Coussinets allaitement lavables côté lingerie

Your own milk is the best moisturizer

In addition, many midwives recommend breast milk compresses to prevent cracking.My advice is therefore to leave the nursing pads, soaked in your milk, to act. This way, your own milk will serve as your moisturizing milk.

Breastfeeding pads and comforters for babies

There is one more advantage to our breast pads. This is an advantage that is both very practical and that melts the heart of any mother: the nursing pads serve as a comforter for the baby, who loves to fall asleep holding it in his little hands. What could be more reassuring than the smell of her mother's breast 💞