Our mission: ending menstruation being a problem.

Women have acquired the right to vote, they have taken their financial independence, claimed the right to dispose of their bodies. Our mission is to free women from the constraint that menstruation still represents. How? By following certain principles that combine self-care, confidence and ethics:

  • Let there be well-being!

  • Quality is our #1 priority: our products are safe and worn with confidence.

  • Our collections are the result of the alliance between softness, ergonomy and a feminine aesthetic.

  • Our intention: for women to feel comfortable and radiate self-esteem, every day!

  • All women should be able to manage their periods in good conditions: our products are accessible because of their affordable cost and their convenience.

  • Our entire value chain is designed to preserve nature: we design our products with the aim of minimizing our environmental footprint.

  • We respect the people we work with: we ensure that everyone who works directly or indirectly for Déesse Padma has good working conditions.

"The subject of menstruation intrigues me. It's taboo, hence invisible, we're not supposed to talk about it - that's why I want to talk about exactly that! Today, the fact that the injustices caused by the period persist is shocking, so if I can contribute to a fairer world in this area, my professional life will have meaning."
Marie Aichagui, founder.

    Engagement Déesse Padma

    This commitment lives on through our products and our values ​​of self-care, trust and ethics. It also translates into concrete actions of menstrual solidarity at a local level as well as around the world.