Comment choisir vos serviettes hygiéniques lavables ?

How to choose your washable sanitary napkins?

You've made the decision to switch to washable sanitary napkins. You are motivated to put an end to products that are toxic to your health and the mountains of waste in your trash can. In addition, you finally want to free yourself from the stress of planning every month to have enough protection on D-Day.

You go to the website of your favorite brand
and there you You realize what it's like to be spoiled for choice, mixed with a lot of extra questions. Not easy to choose!
Anyone who's had their period knows how unique each period is. Things are different from woman to woman, what girlfriends are going through, and even what you yourself may have been through before.

However, there are trends that allow you to describe on average how long the period lasts if you have a light flow, or if the flow is heavy, how you bleed at night, etc.

We've modeled a typical menstrual cycle below to help you determine how many reusable sanitary napkins you need and the right strength for your flow. This table is a base, do not hesitate to adapt it to your specific case.

The cool thing is that from your first cycle, you will recoup the cost of your washable sanitary napkins! Often with disposable protections we hesitate to put them "if there is nothing yet" so as not to waste, even if it means staining our panties. While with washable pads, you can easily put on a power 1 panty liner while waiting for your period. If there is nothing, we simply go to the wash, without wasting!