La société suédoise Nascent finance une campagne de sponsoring pour les femmes ukrainiennes

Swedish company Nascent funds sponsorship campaign for Ukrainian women

Nascent Strategy Accounting and Nascent MGM act for the women and children of Ukraine

When war broke out in Ukraine in the spring of 2022, Déesse Padma thought of the women. How are they affected by the war? Menstrual poverty exists in all countries even in times of peace, so it automatically worsens during armed conflicts. And it is not only the periodic protections that are missing but all personal hygiene products are becoming rare. As our range also includes maternity products, it is clear that Déesse Padma has an important role to play in helping women who are victims of war.

While talking with Farideh Wallqvist, founder of Nascent Strategy Accounting and Nascent MGM, about how to help Ukrainian women, she put me in touch with one of her employees, Viktoria Makarenko, who is Ukrainian and very involved in humanitarian aid for her native country. She was able to answer many questions about the concrete situation of Ukrainian refugees abroad and also of those who remained there. Her help was extremely valuable in making sure that the products sent were really useful for women.

"Having a prosperous business has given me the possibility to contribute to helping women in need. That gives a greater meaning to our every day business." Farideh Wallqvist.

I was struck by how everyone rallied together to support this project. Helping women and children is a deeply human cause that touches hearts. This is how the co-founders of Nascent, Farideh and Erik, wanted to provide concrete help, by financing a number of hygiene kits for Ukrainian women casualties of war.

The products donated by Nascent were donated to OEEI, the European and International Exchanges Office in Clichy la Garenne in the Paris region.

The OEEI and the city of Clichy la Garenne took action as soon as the war broke out. Indeed, they have very close ties with the city of Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine and are directly on the ground. This city is where the boxes of humanitarian aid leave for.

Already 3,000 boxes of clothing, medicine, hygiene products and food have been transported by truck from Clichy to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Nascent, we were able to send a box of washable period protection, nursing pads, bibs and muslins.

An OEEI volunteer receives Déesse Padma products.

Déesse Padma products will be dispatched in boxes before shipment by truck. The labels will be translated into Ukrainian.

As the OEEI volunteers explained to us, there is a lack of everything there, but especially of hygiene and baby products.

The places where the products are sent have  washing facilities and that's why the hygiene kits will be extremely useful: the women will be provided for in the long run, in terms of personal hygiene items. It will allow them to take care of themselves and of their babies over time.

Thanks to Nascent and private donors we were able to donate 262 Déesse Padma products.

We know that the donated kits will be sent directly to the maternity ward and orphanage in Ivano-Frankivsk. The needs are huge, because these institutions host internally displaced women as well as children whose paernts have gone to war. 

The doctors and volunteers on site are in direct contact with the Clichy distribution aid center which works and handles the logistics of the donations.

On site at the distribution center in Ivano-Frankivsk:

A Ukrainian volunteer doctor in the association that manages the distribution of the drugs collected by the OEEI in Clichy.
A Ukrainian woman moved to the collection center set up within the Ivano-Frankivsk drama theatre.

If you would like to work with us and finance a sponsorship operation to support women, please get in touch

Copyright of the two Ivano-Frankivsk photos: Julien Cresp