Soignante suspendue

Suspended caregivers affected by menstrual poverty

Soignante suspendue

Interview with Florie Poeymirou, iliberal nurse banned from practicing, president of Les Colibris Blancs.

Since September 15, 2021, many caregivers have been suspended because of the vaccination obligation. Overnight, their existence was flouted and many of them found themselves in great precariousness. Caregivers being mostly women, the problem of menstrual precariousness obviously arises. That's why Déesse Padma wants to lend her support to help these women bounce back: if, every month, the suspended caregivers know that they have their stock of necessary sanitary protection, that's already one less worry.

We interviewed Florie Poeymirou, liberal nurse banned from practicing and president of the association Les Colibris Blancs, to better understand the situation. Since we are talking about a predominantly female population, we have decided to refer to it using the feminine.

Mary (Goddess Padma): What does Les Colibris Blancs do?

Florie (Les Colibris Blancs): With Les Colibris Blancs, we are taking action in department 64 to help healthcare staff suspended because of the vaccination obligation. There is a real need for support, as their existence has been trampled on overnight, causing great financial hardship and psychological suffering.

We support nurses, caregivers, carers, physiotherapists, osteopaths, but also all the staff employed in health establishments, such as cooks and secretaries, as well as other professions… They are called suspended.

Marie: What is the situation of the suspended today?

Florie: Suspended people no longer have the right to work at the establishment that hires them, but they are still under contract. So they are not entitled to unemployment. They are only entitled to the RSA which is around €500, whereas these are people who are used to earning more than €1,500 with the daily expenses that go with it, so it is very complicated. In addition, the suspension has no end date, which puts their lives on stand-by.

Mary: How do the White Hummingbirds intervene with the hanging ones?

Florie: Suspended people called on us because they had no money left and fell into precariousness immediately after their suspension. They feel abandoned, denigrated, rejected. There are also many single mothers, who have to provide finances for an entire family. These women found themselves without resources to feed their children. They are drowning and are crying out for help. With our association we seek to keep them afloat.

Husbande: How do they meet their daily expenses?

Florie: There is little food aid from town halls, but fortunately there is the Restos du Cœur, which helps them keep going from week to week. However, those who are suspended are having a hard time with this sudden need to call on the Restos du Cœur to be able to eat. In other words, they have great difficulty finding the money to buy the correct sanitary protection for themselves and their teenage daughters.

Mary: How can we help these women?

Florie: Every gesture counts, every dollar counts.They need moral support and they need financial support Receiving a donation of reusable period protection will relieve them financially, it will be one less recurring expense. In addition, these products are elegant and pleasant, it will be like a pampering that will boost their esteem. And that, they really need it right now.

Marie: Thank you Florie.

Déesse Padma is happy to get involved with the White Hummingbirds to organize a periodic protection donation operation. To allow more suspended caregivers to benefit, we are reducing our margin on these products. We guarantee that every donation purchased on our site will be distributed to a suspended caregiver.

You can help these women by buying pads, period panties or a menstrual cup. I make a donation

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